Saturday, June 29, 2013

Little Sea Shrine

This little wooden shrine has a beach theme. I made it for my friend Bea for her birthday, back in 2004. She brought it in to refresh my memory of it since I want to create a larger shrine this summer. I probably photographed at the time, but that was two digital cameras ago and it was blurry; my, but technology changes fast.

I was pleased to see my work from so many years ago. I still like it. There is a sea shell and a sand dollar once you open the doors.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liberate Your Little Treasures

Aloha! For almost eight years this collection has been stashed away in a Hawaiian lunch bag. So now I have liberated the small bits of memoires from my 2005 trip with my sister to Oahu, Hawaii. Two thin, small glass vitals with cork stoppers hold small collections of sand from Waimanalo beach. Two larger, squat vials hold sand, shells, coral from Makapuu beach. Inside the glass jar (yes, a former terrarium ) are larger shells, lava, coral, and a seed pod. Wrapped around the top is an island-themed band to hold the ear pieces of glasses but it never really worked.

I lived in Hawaii as a kid when my Dad was stationed there. My favorite beach was Bellows Air Force Base, just up from Waimanalo. I've been back to Hawaii twice and although a lot of things have changed, this place has stayed the same. I love this island.

What memories or treasures do you have hidden that might need liberating?



Sunday, June 23, 2013

Happy Super Moon!

This is the best photo of all I took last night and still it's not that good, probably due to light or other pollution. But, it was lovely to see the Super Full Moon. Hope you have a chance to catch it tonight!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Let's Get Enlightened

New spread using a Moleskine sketechbook, the kind with the thick yellow paper. I mixed my media by using a carbon paper transfer, Inktense pencils, and Sharpie poster paint marker. I like the Inktense pencils, espeically when wetting them with a water brush. The paper held up pretty good.

This journal is an experiment--to see how the paper reacts with various techniques and media and to try different things and see if I like the results. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

May Day Dance

May Day Dance
14" x 20"
acrylic on paper

Not even half-way through my Ancient Colors Journal, I grew weary of the limited palate and format and needed to break out. So, it was back to acrylics and "May Day Dance" is the result. I even sprinkled a bit of tea in a top section. Fun!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Travel Journal

This leather wrap journal is for my BFF, who is going to Germany this month.

It is a long stitched to a leather cover with Strathmore 400 80 lb. drawing paper, 6 pockets of dark blue Canson Mi Teintes pockets, and more dark blue pages with pockets.

On the front cover, I glued a present day map of united Germany. On the back, is an old map of divided Germany.

There are a few half-pages for adding ticket stubs or other paper memories.

Dark blue Canson Mi Teintes pages and pockets.

Grace picked out the elements she wanted and had the great idea of using a curved rather than a straight leather flap. She also wanted to keep the rough inside edge and have it show on the first map page. I think she likes her new journal!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Current Journal

My latest journal is made from covers of an 1888 rescued book.

Inside is a mixture of papers, including old wall calendars, scrapbook, drawing, pastel, and mixed-media papers, some of my paintings, painted pockets, and gelatin prints.

It has my all-time favorite binding, sewn-over-tapes with the “tapes” being small embossed leather strips. The spine signatures are alternating Canson Mi Teintes papers of dark blue and bisque.

Using my photograph of a surfer in Enniscrone, Ireland, I embellished the cover with metal corner protectors and a metal filigree label holder.