Saturday, February 29, 2020

Altering Reality

Why be content with reality when you can change it?

I was disappointed with photos I took with my new camera last fall but changed one using a simple technique. The river in the park had turned muddy brown from recent rains and the focus were off in other shots. I cropped the image and printed it but it was less than exciting.

But there is a feature in Microsoft Word called “Artistic Effects” under Format can change the look of any graphic or photo.

Bring in your photo, double click on it and the Format menu will appear. Now you can have fun and be an Andy Warhol making variations on the same image! Click on Artistic Effect Options and you can fine-tune the color and saturation.

I played around with the Plastic Wrap, Cutout, and Glow Edges. And then, I changed the color temperatures and found many images I liked.