Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Nifty Way to Upcycle

Once upon a time, I used a digital camera that used floppy discs. And boy, did I accumulate a LOT of floppy discs. But now I wanted to give these colorful utilitarian storage devices new life.

Drilling two holes at the top of each disc, that are apparent on the back side, I used various methods for holding them together.

Handmade jump rings?

Nope, too large and the cube was not stable.

Using waxed thread?

Yes, it color coordinated and was easy to sew together.

Using cable ties did not work, at first. Having bought the 20.32 cm and 8” long size, my craft drill did not have a large enough drill bit.

However, I discovered the 10 cm, 4” size to be just right. Later, I found them in more than the standard black color.

So, a lot of family, friends, and co-workers got these for Yule presents; a win-win situation!