Monday, December 28, 2009

Book Closures and Jewelry-Making

While going through paintings to create a 2010 CD calendar, I realize I did not create many new ones this year. My focus has zig-zagged from taking two bookmaking classes and making different book forms, to sketching a fake journal, to my current interest in book closures and embellishments, which has extended to metal and jewelry making.

Recently making this journal for my sister (below), I considered using red lace, a red leather dog collar, or an Art Nouveau button for the closure. After using my New Mexico journal, I learned the closure is best when it is out of the way of the pages! I’ve had to un-screw the conch while working in the book. This got me thinking about the many ways a simple leather book could be adorned. I’ve begun sketching the possibilities as they pop into my mind.

Like other things, jewelry-making seemed mysterious to me. Of course, painting once did too, before I actually began playing with paint. After sketching various ways to close leather books, I got interested in using charms and symbols.

Having just received “Wire & Bead Celtic Jewelry” by Linda Jones, with many lovely Celtic spirals, makes me realize I can make my own charms that have more meaning than anything I could buy. “The things I want to know are in books,” Abraham Lincoln said and I have been reading several that can teach me much. The once-mysterious ways of jewelry-making is becoming something I can actually do!

Isn’t it interesting how the Muse can pull you in certain directions? Often, my logical mind resists and does not wish to venture into a new art field. But, wire and metal have been calling and I have no choice but to follow.

Where has your Muse led you lately? Did you listen or did you hesitate? What were the results?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Original photo altered

May everyone enjoy a happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Autumn Leaves

'Tis fall and seems only natural to collect leaves on the ground and roll them into acrylic paint. All are 9" x 12" on cold-press watercolor paper.