Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Drying Area for Gel Prints

I have doing lots of printmaking lately. There are so many inspirational videos from the various commercial gel plate brands and their artists. But what I haven’t seen much of is where to put prints when they are wet.

From the first time I used gelatin up to now, the room I was working in was always full of prints drying wherever there was a surface—couches, chairs, folding card tables, the floor! There had to be a better way since now I don’t have space in the living room because my work computer is set up there. My friend Nancy and I discussed various options and I set about trying one. She suggested rigging a rope from wall to wall and using clips.

I had lots of frame wire on hand and with a quick trip to the grocery store had some light weight wood clothes pins. On the walls, I screwed in medium hooks. On the wire, I made a loop at each end. I spaced out the clothespins with some wood beads to give the prints space.

It turned out pretty good. I like that it is portable and I can take it down.