Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Liberate Your Little Treasures

Aloha! For almost eight years this collection has been stashed away in a Hawaiian lunch bag. So now I have liberated the small bits of memoires from my 2005 trip with my sister to Oahu, Hawaii. Two thin, small glass vitals with cork stoppers hold small collections of sand from Waimanalo beach. Two larger, squat vials hold sand, shells, coral from Makapuu beach. Inside the glass jar (yes, a former terrarium ) are larger shells, lava, coral, and a seed pod. Wrapped around the top is an island-themed band to hold the ear pieces of glasses but it never really worked.

I lived in Hawaii as a kid when my Dad was stationed there. My favorite beach was Bellows Air Force Base, just up from Waimanalo. I've been back to Hawaii twice and although a lot of things have changed, this place has stayed the same. I love this island.

What memories or treasures do you have hidden that might need liberating?



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