Sunday, October 28, 2012

Latest Journal

Here's my newly-completed, sewn-on-tapes journal I made for a good friend at work. Since she loves astrology, it's perfect with those symbols adorning the front and back.

Recycling very old book covers--"The Century," from 1891--from a discarded library book, I again used a mixture of papers—scrapbook, maps, calendars, drawing and pastel papers. For a personal touch, I used several of her own greeting cards and saved papers. My gelatin prints and acrylic paintings on watercolor papers became pages and pockets.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Updated Journal Cover

After using my new journal for a while, I decided to change the cover. Adding more of my acrylic painting (on watercolor paper), I tried to complement the circular silver design on the original covers. Replaced the original jute cord with brown leather closure, too. I like it MUCH better!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rose of Inspiration

ink on Mi-Teintes paper
 Cleaning up kitchen scraps one evening, I saw the end of a baby bok choy on my husband’s cutting board and immediately recognized it as a rose. How to use it? As a stamp, of course.

Although it doesn’t last very long, the natural stamp was fun to experiment on various papers. It might make a stronger impression using heavy body acrylic paint, though I haven’t gotten around to trying that yet.

What else could be re-purposed? The end of a celery stalk? Half a cabbage? Once you begin seeing with artist eyes, it’s hard not to see art in everything!