Sunday, April 4, 2010

Misty Dream Time

Nothing quite beats the combination of a trip to a used bookstore and a little time off work. Although I love the convenience of buying books online, the tactical quality of taking tomes off the shelves and handling them, bending, reaching, and squatting at various subject areas, and the sheer joy of looking at books is something best done in person.

All weekend, I’ve been in a dreamy state of mind. I recall other times leaving bookstores—with or without purchases—feeling so awed by all the knowledge and wonder and possibility wrapped up between two covers. Tingling with that familiar brain-buzz happiness, I came out of the store on Thursday afternoon and saw trees green-yellow with new growth and an overcast blue-gray sky, giving a mythical wash to my thoughts. My choice of books only added fuel to that fire.

Driving home, the city awash with bursting colors of wildflowers, budding trees, and swooping birds, I felt such a connection with Nature and yet also cautious to distance myself from pollen and allergens. I felt so much a part of the Elements around me and also, paradoxically, a longing for ancient places across the sea.

This push and pull reminds me of things I wanted to express while trying to be a writer and not knowing art techniques. So, I may delve into that as well as continue my Fake Journal book (soon to be unveiled). A large painting is also beckoning.

So many paths, so many interests, so many means of expression. I wish you a happy Easter, a lovely spring, a wealth of possibilities. What is pulling you these days?


  1. Visiting a bookstore has always something magic. And then, when buying books about nature and magic, all while feeling that nature around you, you certainly walk on a dream path.

  2. Gina, thanks for sharing your thoughts and for the Easter wishes. I hope you had a nice time and have the time for some creativ expressions. I love to go to bookstores, too.

  3. That’s exactly what it felt like, Diana!

    Aren’t bookstores enchanting, Inge? Especially used ones—you never know what you will find. Thank you for visiting my blog—you have two lovely ones and I will return to read about your life in a small town in Deutschland!