Friday, April 30, 2010

IFJM Ends and Summing Up

Here are catch-up spreads in my Fake Journal.

Unlike last year, I got an idea two weeks before April 1 but felt I couldn’t start in it yet. It might have helped if I had, at least gotten some of the design clients decided and some color swatches and magazine samples done ahead of time. Because by the time I started, my enthusiasm began to wane.

However, some good things happened in keeping a Fake Journal this month:

I experimented with a new medium: Inktense pencils with stamp pad backgrounds.
I discovered a way to make a “stamp” with the pencils and had fun playing.
I learned about steampunk, which knew nothing about.
I enjoying using a larger version of the Hand Book (just the second; 2009’s Fake Journal in a smaller green was the first). I liked the way the paper took gel pens, gel brushes, Inktense pencils with water. It’s still too scratchy for Micron pens, though.

With muted enthusiasm, I almost quit early but I still had a few more spreads in Sydney’s book.


  1. "steampunk" ~ I just love that word.

    Hey Gina, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting about the Stewart Cubley workshop......It is coming up fast and I am so excited. I've been reading the book and I tell you what, visions of paint, design, and wild abandon fill my head.

  2. I hope you’ll blog about the workshop, Paula. Stewart Cubley’s painting style is very freeing—have fun!