Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fake Journal

In commemoration of this year’s International Fake Journal Month, we peek into the journal of Sydney Greene, a 30-something interior designer living in Santa Fe. In this journal, Sydney keeps track of her many and diverse clients as well as occasionally sketching and trying new art media. It’s her catch-all for ideas, inspirations, designs, elements, thoughts, and daydreams. She doesn’t use this to give presentation for her clients; it’s for her eyes only.


  1. Gina, this is very fun. A interesting way to collect ideas and explore. I hope it goes well for you this month. Thanks for joining in. Roz

  2. Awesome! I love the opportunity for textures and color combinations. Fab!

  3. Thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting my blog, Roz. This is my second year participating but I’m beginning to lose steam for the project, unfortunately.

    Hi ky. You have a compelling story for your fake journal. I wish you the best in finishing Danny’s story.