Sunday, March 22, 2009

Small Art

4" x 6"
acrylic, toner transfer on paper

Any time is good time for Small Art, don't you think?

I’ve sent a challenge to art friends around the country to make some Small Art. Using envelopes from last year’s wall calendar, I encouraged five others to create small pieces and send the creativity on. Pieces could range from an Artist Trading Card (ATC) size to 9" x12" and involve any substrate with any media.

Since the New Year, I’ve been working in my studio, cleaning, clearing, sorting, tossing, and organizing. I’ve had a bad habit of tossing finished acrylic paintings, whether they worked or not, into a large box sharing space with gelatin prints and handmade papers. It was quite a mess and mish-mash! So, I separated pieces that could fit into two binders--letter-size or 12” x 12”—and placed two pieces each into plastic sleeves. Now, I can see what I have and cull pieces ready for recycling into collage or book pages or Small Art.

Some of these pieces were created by cutting down larger works on watercolor paper. Using some of my photos, I tried toner transfers or altered them with Microsoft Word.

Cardinal in Tree
4" x 6"
altered photo on watercolor postcard

4" x 6"
acrylic, fabric on paper

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