Sunday, June 24, 2012

It's Hot in This Country

Where would you rather be today? Here?

September 2010, Kylemore Abbey, Ireland

Or Here?

April 2012, Poteet, TX

I didn’t name my blog Artistic Dreamer for nothing…I am a dreamer. So, even on the coldest, rainiest day in Ireland I’d much rather be there than in South Texas. I’ve lived here long enough to know and despise the heat. It's one of the many things that will always bother me about this area. As a distraction, I put other cities on my weather page where I can do daily comparisons. The Pacific Northwest and Ireland have quite similar climates. Yet, I do enjoy seeing the sun…just not having summer nine months a year.

Today's weather

Some people love the heat. To me, it makes me tired and slow and exhausted. I feel invigorated by cool weather and love piling on layers to warm up. What is your preference? Do you think it has anything to do with where you spent your first years?

“It’s hot in this country,” I often joke with my husband after going out for a walk. I use a lilting Irish brogue, conjuring clouds to dampen scorching blue skies. In my studio, there’s a Celtic stained glass piece hanging in window. When I first spied it in a Dingle gift store, I knew it would bring a misty reminder. So, I draw the insulated curtains against the summer sun, touch the stained glass, and play Irish CDs. With these mental tricks, I’m almost back…

Happy creating wherever you are!


  1. I'm definitely in your camp Gina. I'm sitting here typing with an ice pack on my head and large glass of ice water on my desk. I'm California-born but still stuck in Kansas at the moment and I have to wonder how did people make the conscious decision to actually LIVE in this area of the country? I mean, seriously, my wife and I went out to eat today and ran a couple of errands and the heat was (and I say this without even the slightest exaggeration) just plain dangerous! Sometimes I just want to build a time machine and go back to when the first settlers were making bad life decisions about where to live and kick their asses up one side and down the other, er, I mean perhaps suggest locations with milder climates.

  2. Ha, ha! I agree, Vincent. Some can really take the heat...I'm just not one of them! Keep cool!

  3. Hi Gina, what a lovely blog. You make Ireland sound like some dream land... I suppose it is but I spend half my time dreaming of places like Texas and California! xxx

  4. Hi Lisa,
    I love your blog, also. It's very interesting that we both daydream about the other's location ~ guess the grass is always greener on the other side. I'm tired of living in a hot climate, perhaps you are tired of the rain and damp? Hugs!