Friday, June 22, 2012

New Journal

Long on the project table, this sewn-on-tapes journal is finally complete. Envisioned as a birthday present for my Mom in late December it’s only six months late; sorry, Mom!

This is in the style of the online class taught by Mary Ann Moss, using a recycled hardback book for covers, a mix of papers for signatures, and fabric for tapes. I created a few handy pockets from scrapbook paper. Here is the first one I made last summer.

This is one of my favorite journal styles. I love how easy the bookbinding sewing is, how flat the pages lay to work on, how well it takes lots of collage (including glued in envelopes), and how inspiring the different papers and sizes are.

What is your favorite journal style? Handmade or commercially available?


  1. This is amazing - I love the complexity and the craftsmanship!

  2. Thanks so much, Lyn. I love making this type of journal.