Sunday, May 29, 2011


This foreign film, set in France from 1914-1935, depicts a woman who labors by day and paints by night. It makes you slow down and pay attention to the rich details. The beginning shows more than tells with dialog, unfurling Séraphine Louise’s hard life of walking from job to job, through a small town’s architecture to the rural open fields and trees. She is so driven to create that it seems the balance to her many housecleaning jobs. Once her obligations are over, she retreats to her small apartment to paint flowers and fruit rather than saving money for heat or paying rent on time. When art collector and critic Wilhelm Uhde takes a room in the boardinghouse Séraphine cleans, the woman’s life is forever changed. See the trailer here:
Highly recommended.


  1. I have recently seen this film and I thoroughly endorse your recommendation. I found it delightful.

  2. Greetings Gina,

    It is through Ian's blog that I come to you and see that you too have discovered this beautiful film.

    There are many good things one can say about it, but I also feel that for those who have started late in their life to paint, it offers hope and encouragement to follow ones convictions and dreams.

    Wishing you all the best to the start of your week,

  3. Thanks, Ivan and The Artist Within Us. I thought it was a beautiful movie, if quite a bit sad at the end.