Monday, May 30, 2011

Recycled Notebooks

These two notebooks are an experiment. Can you guess what the materials are?


Give up?

Cardboard from tissue boxes, stationery pad paper, buttons, linen thread, and duck tape! They are really cute and fun to make. Now I need to use them and see how sturdy they might or might not be.


  1. Beautiful!! I *love* duct tape - nice work :)

  2. What a cool idea! I keep saving cereal boxes for the same type of experiment, but I like the wrap around aspect of the tissue box (it's already a great size!).

  3. Thanks, Lyn. There are some beautiful duct tapes out there now.

    Do try it, Suzanne. It always feels good to play and discover. And recycling is a bonus!

    Great minds, you know, Schmolphin PsychoDevil. Have fun trying your idea out.