Sunday, March 7, 2010

Memory Triggers

Fuchsias remind me of Ireland, where I first saw them. Yesterday, we got two small ones along with herb and tomato plants. I love their brilliant colors and intricate blossoms.

Thinking of travel memories, I’ve been wondering what do with old postcards. Do you save postcards, too? What do you do with them? What do they mean to you?

I could simply sort and display my collection in clear scrapbooking sleeves, or bind same-sizes ones into a book. That might involve punching holes or altering them, which might work for the blank ones. But those with correspondence are special. Originally meant as a cheap, disposable souvenir, a travel postcard evokes memories of those who sent them. With people writing and mailing fewer letters and cards, these old cards become personal historical documents.

What if I began integrating them into art journals, theme books, or stitching them to stretched canvas? What if I began mixing them into different projects instead of placing them together? They could evoke an active and interactive role rather than passively sitting together. They could spark journal entries full of memories.

Like the fuchsia plants did yesterday.


  1. I think it would be a terrific idea to include them in journal pages!! Love your photos!!

  2. I've been collecting all my life.I keep them in boxes roughly in categories and often refer to them or use them by scanning onto the computer.I'd never alter or destroy them unless they were duplicates or not special.I do find a lot of artwork using items such as these to be very samey, bit like photoshop it all ends up looking the same and not very original.I'm sure though in yours hands something brilliant will happen...look forward to seeing your results if you'll share.
    The fuschias are great, love fuschias dearly and once when I lived in Derbyshire had several very old ones nestling next to a piece of ancient hawthorn hedge...treasures.My earliest memory of them is being enchanted by a whole gardenful of the little dancing ballerinas.The garden was in a meteor crater, so very mysterious and special.Have fun!

  3. Your Fuchsia are gorgeous. I love these plants, too. The first we had was back in Germany.
    I didn't keep old travel postcards, Maybe I have should. Making a creative project with yours would surely be a great idea.

  4. Thanks for your feedback, Manon. I got such a strong reaction placing one old Hawaiian postcard on a journal page that I’m now working on a separate project based on things I saved from when I lived there as a child.

    I like your idea about scanning your old postcards so the originals remain special and protected in your collection. Fuschias are so pretty and I’m so thrilled I have some around the house—I thought they’d only like misty Celtic lands! Your description is so charming and enchanting.

    Thanks for dropping by, Diana. Seems fuschias can thrive in lots of climates. I will save our outside ones before they get too hot.