Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mixed-Media Nature Sampler Book Part Two

Here are more pages from one of my nature sampler book. These get more into the mixed-media theme; all photos are ones I've taken.

acrylics on watercolor paper (left) and painted Ginko leaf encased in vinyl over cotton mesh (right)

ink jet transfer on fabric with staples (left) and hand stitching on fabric (right)

hand stitching on fabric with leather pocket and tree coin

handmade copper leaves on a twig over heavy upholstery fabric (left) and cotton fabric (right)

flower-patterned fabric over glossy photo (left) and photo printed on embossed scrapbooking paper (right)

more of my photos printed on watercolor paper (left & right)

part of a poor, sweet butterfly I found on the ground lying in two parts sandwiched between two mica pieces attached with brads onto copper mesh (right)

watercolor paper with acrylic (left) and gelatin print on watercolor paper (right)

gelatin print on brown paper (left) and plastic fabric flower pattern (right)

metallic crayon rubbings on gel pen paper (left) and Inca dove in tree printed on watercolor paper (right)

dried and pressed Evening Primrose on paint sample chip (left) and Black Swallowtail caterpillar chomping on fennel printed on velum

Mexican Sycamore trees, long view (left) and close-up (right) on ribbed card-making paper

Esperanza (Yellow Bells) on velum paper (right)

small wildflower and baby Mexican Sycamore leaf under clear packing tape on paint sample (right)

Yesterday, I went with a friend to a local pottery studio. She was interested in taking a class so we went and talked to the very nice instructor/owner. They have both wheel throwing and handbuilding classes each month. Clay is calling to my friend and I think she’ll answer the call and begin a wheel throwing class in July.

While I’m intrigued, I don’t hear clay calling me. At least, not right now. I’m much too interested in book binding (I’m taking another class) and painting.


  1. I see many happy hours of work here. Great book, each page intriguing

  2. The copper leaves and twig on upholstery fabric really grabs my attention.

  3. so enjoying my visit to your blog this morning! wonderful mixed media!

  4. these pages are gorgeous, and so imaginatively put together.

  5. Thank you, Leslie! It was great fun being experimental with these books.

    I remember auditioning the copper leaves on various fabrics and they really popped on the back side of that fabric I selected. Don’t you just love juxipositioning (even if you can’t spell it!)?! Thanks for the comment, Robyn.

    So glad you happened by and are enjoying the view, Julie!

  6. Lovely! All those techniques in one beautiful little book. You're making my fingers itch to start a project right this minute!

  7. Your words are very kind, Juliet; thank you!

    Go run right now to your table and find or make some beautiful things for a new project, Angela!