Saturday, June 20, 2009

Functional Works of Art

These lovely wool bed socks were made by my friend Nancy. She made the wool from a felted sweater and the top inner lining is in white cashmere. Exquisite embroidery adorns the tops, the edges, and the bottom joining foot beds. They are gorgeous works of art!

I am so inspired by fiber artists, like Nancy. Whenver I receive my latest copy of Cloth, Paper & Scissors, I am awed by the beauty brought about with thread, needles, sewing machines, patience, careful hands, and great imaginations. My grandmother was a great one with a sewing machine. There's a family story of her coming home from work, clearing the table, and making an outfit to wear on date that very night!


  1. I just love the feeling of felted wool, too! Those slippers really are a work of art. Lucky you!

  2. Yes indeed, Angela; it’s too bad I must wait till November to begin wearing them!