Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Evening Summation

More Not More
By Bruce Cockburn

I don't mean to cling to you my friends
It's just I hate the day to have to end
Never enough time to spend
I haven't done enough for this to be the end

As the sun sinks behind Madame Oak, another Sunday evening approaches with Monday’s workweek around the corner. I often think of this song quoted above and wish I worked for two days and had five days to play!

Today, I did something I had been afraid to do—put a finishing varnish on a canvas. It was a test for the one I want to exhibit. There’s a juried exhibit in two weeks with my local watercolor group and I’m feeling a little panic. Today I discovered some framing items I’ve ordered will now be delayed. I’ve also made a last-minute decision to include a work that will need matting and framing (which I’ve taught myself). So, I’ve scurried around the house seeing what I have on hand and making a list for the only art supply store that carries quality supplies. Since I like planning ahead, I feel like I was floundering this afternoon.

Speaking of long range plans, I’ve been pondering future painting efforts and wondering:
  • What substrate do I want to work on that is easy to finish, frame, hang, sell, and ship—canvas? paper?, board?
  • What sizes should I get to buy in bulk?
  • How will those decisions affect the way I work?

If I can build up a supply of good work that is easy to prepare, I will offer my works on Etsy. At this point, I’m thinking smaller works will be easier to ship. And perhaps create larger works for local exhibits. For you more experienced and full-time artists, how did you decide such things?

On a different and happy note, I had a wonderful visit Saturday from fellow artist Mary, who now lives in the Land of Enchantment. My forever friend first introduced me to art many years ago and encourages me to this day. Presently, her camera is her creative canvas of expression; she takes wonderful vistas of mesas and mountains, fauna and flora.

So now I realize it was a fulfilling weekend, after all.

Some experiments last week with light modeling paste:

8" x 7"

9" x 12"


  1. Over the past few days I've noticed quite a few bloggers mentioning they don't have enough time to play.
    Gina, the artist who painted the big eye in my collage is David Alfaro.

  2. I can imagine it's a common complaint, especially from women artists.

    Thanks for the correction about the artist. That eye looked so familiar.

  3. Gina, Thanks for stopping by my blog. Interesting to see what you are thinking about in terms of what to use, frame...I decided on gallery wrapped canvas for exhibits, no need for framing, because carting around to different venues can be damaging to the (oh so exspensive ) frames. In the etsy shop (that I have yet to sell anything from) I have the canvas pieces, but because of cost in shipping I have oil pastels on paper for ease of shipping. I like small masonite panels too. I get great prices in bulk from Jerrys artarama (i know, the name!..) and it does effect the way I creat at least. I find for every subsurface, I create differently. But I am learning and it is fun!