Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

Showing absolutely no restraint whatsoever, I purchased several new tops yesterday. It was great fun meeting a fellow artist at a large Goodwill and I was thrilled to see blouses lined up and separated by color—felt like selecting tubes of paint! The colors were so luscious that I found myself drawn to those I use in my palette. Now having a grasp of color theory, I put those skills to good use!

And, having to make room for them gave me an excuse to weed out my closet, find slacks and jeans I’d forgotten, and create a huge bag for donation. The cycle continues.

Here are some brayer paintings from last week:

Light Within
7 1/2” x 7”

Passage Way
7 1/2” x 7”

Red Leaf
8” x 7”

Happy Labor Day to all those who toil!


  1. Gorgeous rich paintings as usual. Is that gold leaf in Passage Way?I love it!

  2. Hi Robyn,
    Thank you for visiting!
    No, it's Yellow Medium Azo, the color I began with and scraped back to. Have you used gold leaf in your works?

  3. Another vote for Passage Way--my new favorite! Stunning beauty and strangely moving.

  4. So glad "Passage Way" is pleasing to your eye, Mixed Media Martyr!

    Thank you, Mary, for your thoughtful words.

    That painting's creation and the response it has garnered is so interesting. When I saw how dark my last layers were and spontaneously scrapped that doorway-like shape, its interior, and those squares into the still-wet paint, I was trying to bring back the lighter yellow. Efforts to save the painting gave it more appealing properties and allure.