Saturday, September 12, 2015

Fabric Covers Journal

Here’s a new journal with fabric covers. Having a stash of textured fabrics remnants with dried paint, I’ve long wanted to recycle or upcycle them in some way. This experiment turned out well, using a base of two 8” x 10” canvas boards with super heavy gel medium and pressing the fabric pieces onto the board.


This textured ridges of this fabric is a favorite (I think it is used for drapes). Two pieces large enough for both front and back, although they had different paint colors. For signatures, I used colorful pastel papers originally slated for an India journal I have yet to bind.

Since I love the look of leather and metal, I used silver eyelets on the leather straps as well as square brads. Serendipity lent a hand to the focal point as I found an old film negative without any photographs on it laying around my desk after scanning. (I’m slowly digitizing old negatives and slides.) The mid-century vibe of the old negative helps repeat the horizontal stripes of the dark leather straps.

Isn’t it interesting that the least meaningful piece from your own life can have more meaning than any bought trinket?


  1. What a beautiful journal! I love the muted colours and rough look on the covers in combination with the brightly coloured paper. - Brilliant and stunning!

  2. Hilke, thank you for your positive feedback. It was fun to try something different for the covers.