Sunday, October 20, 2013

TU Artisan Showcase

Here's my table last weekend, during the TU Artisan Showcase.

Handmade bookmarks, notebooks, and various art journals I have made.

2014 calendars - Ireland, Hawaii, Nature, Beaches 1 & Beaches 2.

Leather mini-book necklaces and new 2014 calendars with my photographs.

My friend Grace sat with me the whole event (a few hours) and was so wonderful and helpful!

The first time the event was held indoors (because of rain threat), at the Auditorium hallway.

This is the journal I sold. An acrylic painted cover with rough watercolor paper inside.

Beautiful bowls by fellow artisan and Chemistry professor, Michelle Bushey. I swapped the one on the right for a notebook and some bookmarks of mine and then bought the one on the left. Already had a wonderful meal in them last night.


  1. Your pieces look great...table full of choices. Nice to have a friend sit with you during slow times. I love your bowls and someone went home with a beauty with your journal!

  2. Thanks so much! It was a lot of work getting items ready, priced, tagged, displayed. I learned a lot from the experience.One being I might drop more crafty projects and return to painting more.