Saturday, September 14, 2013

Art & Fear Lessons

Another word for creativity is courage. -- George Prince

Usually, I do not struggle too much with Art & Fear. But a recent experience proved otherwise.

Initially, I was afraid of accepting the invitation to create an altar to benefit the Celebration Circle church. Once I received my raw wooden piece, I was afraid to start it. Once I started it, I was afraid to ruin it. Once I finished it, I was afraid to turn it in. Once I turned it in, it was greeted with lots of compliments and interest.

All my fears melted.

I felt honored. I felt like a REAL artist. I felt a part of a group of 54 others. I felt so glad I accepted this challenge, faced my fears, worked through them, and finished an altar I am very proud of.

This was huge step on my path. I will remember it next time I'm faced with the next bout of Art & Fear.

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