Saturday, July 27, 2013

Past Altars and Shrines

As I create a Sacred Altar for the 2013 Celebration Circle's exhibit in September, here is a look back at other shrines I have made.

This is an oldie but a goodie, a Tree Shrine I made for my Mom. It has mini baby blocks, a leaf, a pine cone, acorns, and a tree tag from a piece of jewelry I tried to use as a stamp.

Tree Shrine, exterior

Tree Shrine, interior

Next is the Kennedys shrine I've wriiten about before.

The Hero Brothers (RFK and JFK)

Something different here. Three Lake Michigan Mornings is a wooden cube, inspired by the Carl Sandburg poem "Lake Michigan Morning" with my 2007 Chicago photographs printed on canvas. It holds transparent cubes of shells, rocks, and sand.

Three Lake Michigan Mornings wooden cube; view 1

Three Lake Michigan Mornings wooden cube; view 2

Three Lake Michigan Mornings wooden cube; view 3

Three Lake Michigan Mornings wooden cube; view 4

These are three different shrines made of (from left to right): wood, watercolor paper, and paper. These include photo tributes to ancestors and a friend who have passed on. (The brightly colored skulls and autumn leaves were temporary.)

Three different Day of the Dead shrines


These last two are wooden boat shapes I particulaly love. "Portal" has an early book I made from watercolor covers with 2006 photographs from my Ireland trip. The entire book is cut in an arch shape to fit the inside niche, with copper wires to turn the pages.


Another wooden boat, Tangible Treasures, contains glass vial momentos from my 2010 Irish trip--sand, sacred well water, ocean water--with a piece of seaweed from my Innishcrone seaweed bath.

Tangible Treasures


  1. Lovely examples of the sacred altar...will be looking for this next beauty!

  2. I so do appreciate your comments, Blue Sky Dreaming.