Sunday, February 17, 2013

Still Playing with Watercolors

For over a month, I’ve been experimenting with both ½ pan and tube watercolors in a commercially-made journal. There’s only two spreads left in the book but that will not stop me using watercolors after that! From the looks of this journal, you can see various techniques borrowed from my first love—acrylics. Can’t believe how warped this so-called watercolor journal has gotten! Has anyone ever ironed down paper after it has dried?

  There are many test spreads using Windsor & Newton ½ pans and a no. 14 brush as well as a few with W&N tube watercolors and a 2” skywash brush. Love the freedom of such a wide brush and look at the tube colors here! Indigo, what a gorgeous color! Blue jeans, stormy skies, deep waters. Guess the acrylic comparison would be Phthalocyanine (or Phthalo) Blue. Such a gorgeous hue!

Now I am convinced watercolors have a place in my art cabinet. They ARE great for working in art journals and will probably do their main job there inside. Right now, I just can’t see painting and framing a watercolor nor using it as a journal cover since the completed work can lifted with more water!


Next up? I’ll probably make myself a new watercolor journal using up paper originally bought for acrylics. Not sure why I have an 18” x 24” block of rough watercolor paper—maybe I was inexperienced at the time with the difference between cold-press and hot press and how each affected the way I used acrylics. I want to see how using 100% cotton paper allows for more experiments. Maybe I’ll make a sampler with various other watercolor papers on hand.


  1. hi, yes my iron is only for ironing paper ;) not sure if you were joking about ironing paper, but j.i.c if you've never done it, it's easy, just sandwich the watercolour page in silicon baking parchment so you don't foul your iron...i use it a lot to finish brusho pages
    it does make me laugh as i very occasionally iron fabric for quilting, but about 95% time it is for art papers!
    birds sing artblog

  2. So good to know you really can iron paper! Wasn't sure; thanks for the tip birds sing artist. You have a lovely blog.