Saturday, January 5, 2013

Leather Mini-Book Necklaces

Have you seen those mini-book charms as earrings or necklaces? I have long admired other artist's creations and wondered if I could make a few. Earrings seemed too tiny to start with so I went larger. Using Amber Smith's good tutorial from her blog Making My Rent, I altered it by substituting a few materials I did not have and crafting different designs.

My excitement of wearing the first one to work quickly faded as the book fell off within two hours—yikes! After consulting with the Queen of Jewelry Making (my sister, Maria) and researching several books, I removed my faulty handmade jump rings, having too great a gap, and substituted a wire wrap at both ends.

Now the book charms not only look great but are securely attached. Various necklace materials are leather cord, ball chain, and two different sizes of metal chain.

On most books I dangled tiny keys, symbolizing how reading can unlock so many portals of ideas and knowledge. These made great holiday gifts and I already have requests for more--one from my sister!

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