Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Making Business Art Cards

20 Different Business Cards showing My Journals, Notebooks, & Paintings

After meeting my new art friend Jennifer Martin she pulled out one of her business cards. Although I have read about other artists praising MOO cards  I finally got to see the lovely work in person.

But, I decided to make my own version. Using Avery labels purchased some time ago, I finally wanted to try them out. It took a long time to select and insert photos of my work, to match the orientation of the photo to the text on the back, to align photos without showing any white space or bleeding onto its neighbor card (still haven’t perfected that yet). I can see why ordering online would be quicker. But I like the amateur results!

I used Microsoft Word and Avery White Two-Sided Printable Clean Edge Business Cards, #8871. Once you print both sides, they snap so cleanly and feel like heavy cardstock. I’m very impressed with the product and wonder why it took me so long to try these. But, it’s great to be inspired by another artist!

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