Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

The Vast Beyond
9” x 12”
acrylic on paper

The past several months have brought so much upheaval and change. Since the Fall and my overseas trip (definitely not a vacation), my situation at work (seven jobs were eliminated, a co-worker died and his position was not replaced, and another co-worker broke her arm, and I volunteered to help out), and my Dad dying last month have all zapped a lot of my energy and enthusiasm.

But today we have a snow day and the city is closed down. Although it might not seem much, compared to the massive blizzards in other states, our city isn’t equipped to handle ice and snow, and its consequences. It’s made me very happy to be home, grateful with a roof over our heads and heat in the house. We had rolling blackouts earlier in the week—twice at home, three times at work—to conserve energy for the whole state and it never really warmed up in our offices. Now I have warm clothes on, including one of my lovely Irish wool sweaters and thick Irish wool socks, and have lots of hot tea. There are art and craft supplies at hand, and I’m grinning and dancing around the house. What a great way to start the weekend!

Stay warm and safe everyone. What projects are you working on?


  1. Oh, that is so beautiful, Gina. It touches a vast space inside of me. My project is still unpacking, but I can feel the day coming closer when I will set up my watercolors and get to work!

  2. Hi Mary. It will be a grand day when you and your watercolors are reunited again!