Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Mexico Frame of Mind

New Mexico Enchantment
9" x 12"
acrylic on paper

The above new painting is the result of thinking and dreaming of New Mexico lately. 20 years ago next month I first visited the Land of Enchantment, staying in B&Bs, renting a car, and driving around to pueblos, museums, hot-air ballooning events, and national parks. It was the first time I had ever done that for a vacation and it was immensely liberating and enjoyable. I’ve been in love with New Mexico since.

Did you see the Lifetime movie about Georgia O'Keeffe recently? What did you think of it? It has me heading to book shelves to dig out "Portrait of An Artist: A Biography of Georgia O'Keeffe" to re-read.

I've viewed her paintings at the local McNay museum, the Santa Fe museum devoted to her, and the Art Institute of Chicago (where I took the above photo). Although she hated being called a woman artist, she did blaze the trail for gender-breaking acceptance.


  1. "new mexico" is wonderful!!The colors are so intense!!

  2. I love this painting! I know what you mean about New Mexico. I've only been there once, several years ago, and I agree, it's a magical place. Everything about it is special. Loved the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, too!

    Take care,

  3. Your painting is fantastic!
    I've been to Santa Fe three times and I just adore the area!! Georgia O'keeffe is my favorite artist. The book "Portrait of an Artist" is a terrific read!

  4. Hi Gina, you've captured the new mexican landscape well! It is inspirational.
    I did see the lifetime movie, and actually had a hard time sitting through the whole thing! how about you?! I guess it's hard to really get someone's life too well, when trying to fit it all into a two hour period, but since they chose to do it that way I thought they spent way too much time on her relationship with Stieglitz and not nearly enough about her talent painting/passion! I thought both she and Joan Allen deserved more. It probably should have been a mini series instead of 2 hours...

  5. Hi Mony! Thank you so much for your kind words. Looks like you have been having fun with your several challenges and ATCs.

    I’m glad you can relate about New Mexico, too, Angela. The first time I visited Santa Fe I saw a film about Georgia O’Keeffe…hadn’t known much about her back then. Ironically, I think it’s on YouTube now! Also went once to the new O’Keeffe museum years ago.

    You are very kind, Manon. This painting was really fun and fast to do. I’d been playing around all week using a big bristle brush and was so amazed after I was done—aren’t some paintings a gift like that? Bet you are in a Southwest mood after your recent travels, too!

    Thank you very much, Karin. I agree with you about the Lifetime movie-‘twas a bit of a soap opera. I wonder why they went with the relationship angle and didn’t focus on her art and career? Maybe because her marriage was failing, Georgia headed West, fell in love with New Mexico, and finally found her voice and her place? A mini-series would have explained and delved more, as you say. I did like the actors and scenery (did you know the whole thing was shot in NM?).

  6. Hi Gina,
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I enjoyed seeing your work. We have a lot in common because I also make a living as a part-time bookkeeper.

    I saw the Georgia O'Keefe movie and was surprised to see the very large size of the work she was making when she had the nervous breakdown (I guess it was). I didn't think the movie explained her state of mind and/or relationship to Stieglitz very well or, most importantly, her struggle to make abstract paintings in the lonely world of a woman painter. And it was kinda (mostly) way too melodramatic.

  7. I love this and your work is magnificent. Thank you for the comment on my blog, specially because it has brought me to your blog.

  8. well, welcome to the unofficial "new mexico as the muse"
    club...i lived there for 3 years over 40 years ago, it's my personal spiritual home of sorts, and return just about every summer, i lived in the mabel dodge house back then, and stay there now as a b&b or for sas colby workshops...check it out. and georgia movie, too focused on stieglitz for the clips on her speaking on youtube. and the book FULL BLOOM is a good read. mabel dodge luhan's book THE EDGE OF THE DESERT is fabulous too. love you're paintings...i'm currently trying to capture MY mountain. in the spirit!!

  9. Hi Nancy. Isn’t it amazing how electronics can allow so many connections?
    Thanks for your input about the movie. Guess a few hours cannot explain all the details of a person’s life; that’s the great thing about books!

    Thank you very much, Mary. I’m glad I found your blog as well. I’ve put your link on my sidebar.

    Oh, the spell of New Mexico captured my heart 20 years ago and has never let go, Nancy. The day you mentioned “Full Bloom” I looked at it at the library and will put it on my “must read” stack! I’m so glad I found your art blog, as well!