Sunday, February 8, 2009

Book Section Sewing Class

Paste paper covers
sewn one-section signatures

I’m taking four classes at the Southwest School of Art and Craft, spread over four months. Last month, we made paste paper covers for the books we’ll do in the other three classes. Basically, we took already-made handmade paper and covered them with prepared paste and textured them with various stamps and tools. The messy process occurred in the paper studio where I took a one-day papermaking class last summer (see: We left the covers drying and our teacher, Linda Draper, picked them up the following week; thus, we only saw them yesterday morning.

Covers open

Sewn spines displayed

Following Keith Smith’s book Non-adhesive Bindings: One-, Two-, and Three-Section Sewings, we cut our paste papers in half to create covers for one-section books yesterday. The books have very thin spines defined with a bone folder with stitches meant to be seen on the outside. The last stitch, a sewn chain, seemed the most beautiful and easy, perhaps since we had struggled and mastered two stitches already!

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