Monday, May 26, 2008


Did do a bit of clearing and today I made a rather whimsical item out of recycled materials. It’s a pinwheel, harkening back to those paper or plastic ones of childhood. Do you remember?

The large plastic “wheels” were cobbled from CD players that broke (for several years, I’ve not had good luck with ones for my studio). I cleaned, dried, gessoed, and painted a gray 5-CD wheel and a black 3-CD wheel, added wooden beads in between, and mounted it all on a long screw through a drilled hole in a left-over piece of wood. It took some trial and error to see how the whole thing might work and spin.

Since I was willing to play with it, this experiment turned out rather well. Just need to figure out how to mount it to a wall and stabilize the “wand” part so you can go past it you can twirl the wheels, either in unison or in opposition.

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